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Leafa Bikini Figure
Sword Art Online
fans and collectors of figurines in general, you are not going to want to miss this brand new release from Genco. Your eyes do not deceive SAO fans, Kirito’s well-endowed younger sister Kirigaya Suguha, better known as Leafa, is receiving a sexy bikini figure in the same way Undine Asuna did. Her figurine comes dressed up in an incredible two-piece bikini and of course comes with the parasol. Let me tell you the creators of this figure knew exactly what they were doing when they placed the parasol where they did. The placement of the parasol and the sexy pose Leafa strikes really puts an emphasis on her assets. The people at Genco really did an excellent job capturing Leafa’s body proportions. Let’s be honest here, Sugu has some amazing curves and this figurine here does an excellent job capturing her perfect curves. Take a look at this amazing figure below.

Leafa Bikini Figure 1 Leafa Bikini Figure 2 Leafa Bikini Figure 3

Leafa Bikini Figure 4 Leafa Bikini Figure 5 Leafa Bikini Figure 6

Not really feeling the parasol? Well not to worry because the parasol is removable, and you can replace it with anything of appropriate length, like say, a straw. That’s right, she can hold your straw for you with those assets of hers while you drink a refreshing cup of milk. If that isn’t incredible I don’t know what is. If you don’t believe me, check out these pictures below.

Leafa Bikini Figure 7 Leafa Bikini Figure 8

Leafa’s Sexy Bikini is a 1/7 scale figure and stands at approximately 30 cm (including the parasol). It is currently available for pre-order and will release in February 2016. The price is pretty hefty but I say it is worth it for this beauty of a figure. You can pre-order the figure from J-List!

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