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Title Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers
Director Takeo Takahashi
Studio Passione
Original Run July 4, 2015 – September 19, 2015
Genre Action/Fantasy/Mystery
Episodes 1-12
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Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers follows the strongest man in the world, Adlet Mayer, at the point he is chosen to become one of the six braves. The braves are chosen by the Goddess of Fate in order to defeat the Demon God. Adlet meets up with his other chosen companions and they all soon discover that there are strangely seven of them instead of six.


This is were Rokka makes it’s mark as to not just be a generic hero adventure anime. Each of the braves brings their own shadow of doubt with them, well except for Chamo who seems to not know what’s going on the entire time and just wants to defeat boredom by killing people. I must admit that I was one of the viewers that expected Mora to be the seventh brave, but we all know that that wasn’t the case.


Nashetania, the princess who helped Adlet escape in the first episode and who dresses up in the cutest outfit I have ever seen, turned out to be the seventh. The search for the seventh spans from episode 5 to episode 12 with each passing episode making it harder to determine who exactly is the enemy. Adlet was accused for the longest time and he is prosicuted by the entire group, except for Nashetania. That is what I don’t understand, Nashetania tried to find him innocent with the help Goldof. Those scene in the forest of her losing her mind at the idea that Adlet hurt Hans made no sense after she revealed who she truly was. The writers clearly wanted to confuse us. On the other hand, her reasons are actually very clever. She’s not exactly working with the Demon King, but wants to work with all races and make a peaceful treaty so that no one has to die, well no one after 500,000 people. I don’t think that’s possible and the rest of the party seems to think the same way, but it is reasonable that some extremist would fight so hard for a plan this crazy.

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Rokka features a love story that develops unexpectedly,  but not forced. Adlet meets Fremy, who is half demon half human, and it’s made to feel like she is just a side character to Adlet’s true love interest, Nashetania. Through out Adlet’s trials he finds himself meeting up with Fremy and learning more about her till he figures out why he wants to protect her so much. This is written so well since he doesn’t talk to anyone the way he talks to her. I found myself rooting for them to embrace countless times and cried with the couple as he confesses his true feelings.

rokka 2

The music of Rokka plays a huge part in setting the mood for the more drama heavy scenes and really knows how to make the fights more heart racing. The battle scene in Rokka are choreographed wonderfully whether it’s displaying Hans and Adlet jumping around using there amazing skills or when one of the Saints shows her powers.


Rokka tries really hard to explain all it’s lore in depth and sometimes this dialog is lost in the scenes. Through the longer scenes I’ve had to watch multiple times to fully understand what was going on or how Adlet put the pieces together. The final episode of Rokka was met with a cliff hanger and there is no news of second season. Though it’s safe to mention that it’s popularity in Japan and in West could help the series continue. Then we can see what’s going on with this cow girl, Rolonia, who took the spot of our lovely bunny.


I enjoyed Rokka, every character had a different personalty which made it really hard to choose who was the one deceiving the others. I often found myself deciding whether Goldof or Mora was enemy and even though I was wrong in the end, I was so happy with the adventure this anime took me on. The story is dense at times, but another viewing goes along way. I would gladly recommend this anime to any fans of mystery, action and high fantasy.

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