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Nintendo released update v1.10 for Super Mario Maker yesterday evening.  This update does not seem to add any new content to the game. It may just fix some bugs and glitches, though some players have speculated that it might also prep the game for future updates and DLC. That’s mere speculation though, and what the patch truly does remains shrouded in a bit of mystery. The specifics of the update are quite vague, in fact the patch notes for this update simply say

“Adjustments have been made to make for a more pleasant gaming experience.”

You can update the game by starting it from the Wii U menu (not the Quick Start menu). Super Mario Maker should update itself to the new version before the game starts up. It should also be noted that you will need to install this update before you can use the game’s online features again. You will not be able to upload levels until you do.

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I hope this patch may have addressed the game’s one major problem with 100 Mario Challenge – Expert Mode, but I haven’t played enough yet to know if it has. I’m guessing it selects levels with clear percentages below some threshold. It would just need to have added a minimum threshold as well, so levels with too low of a clear rate wouldn’t come up in this mode. The problem is that there are huge amounts of these poorly designed levels that include poor design choices such as:

  • Blind jumps where you can’t see where you have to jump to
  • Thwomps above the top of the screen where you can’t see them
  • Trolling 
  • Levels requiring the use of obscure tricks/glitches or dumb luck
  • Placing enemies right at the start (like a giant thwomp above the start point, or an enemy on the tile in front of Mario so that you must move immediately or you die as soon as the level starts)

The player only has 100 lives in 100 Mario Challenge – Expert difficulty. Sure you can earn more, but only up to 3 per level (and that’s only if you actually clear the level, too). In moderation these levels can be amusing, but they are just obnoxious when they come up in 100 Mario Challenge (Expert mode) all the time (where they simply waste your precious lives). Don’t get me wrong, though. I do love Super Mario Maker, that’s just the one major issue I see in the game currently.



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