Have you ever pondered what happens to you after your life on Earth is over? Well, according to Holy Potatoes! What the Hell!? we fry in Hell… as a potato.

Holy Potatoes! What the Hell!? is a quirky cooking management game where you must serve a pantheon of gods the tastiest potato dishes made up of accursed spuds from Daylight Studios and Rising Star Games. You must sort your potatoes, cook up dishes to appease the gods, research new recipes, and upgrade and maintain your infernal restaurant. Be sure to checkout the trailer.



Holy Potatoes! What the Hell!? is just the latest entry in a series of games by Daylight Studios centered around potato shaped characters. Past games in the Holy Potatoes! series include A Spy Story?!, A Weapon Shop!? , and We’re in Space?!. That is correct, friends, this is a series.

You can pick up Holy Potatoes! What the Hell!? right now on the Nintendo eShop for $14.99 USD. Checkout the press release below for more information.

Holy Potatoes! What the Hell?! is a cooking management sim where you take on the role of Sweeny Tots, a chef that’s currently stuck in an Afterlife populated by potatoes! Players are thrown into the kitchen and must adapt to their new job – sorting potato sinners into their rightful stations and cooking up delicious, tantalizing dishes befitting the Gods!

Punish potato sinners by sorting them into your desired cooking stations and wait for them to get mashed, baked, boiled and fried. In your quest to appease the gods and ascend to heaven, you have to cook up mouth-watering, delectable, and appetizing dishes to feed the hungry deities of Holy Potatoes! What the Hell?!


  • Sort potato sinners into their rightful cooking stations to create delicious ingredients.
  • Use sinful ingredients to cook up delectable potato-based recipes.
  • Feed the hungry deities, appease your Pantheon, and level up your Gods.
  • Put on your chef’s hat and research new appetizing recipes.
  • Manage your stations by upgrading, doing maintenance, and boosting them with hellfire.
  • Throw down in Cook-off Showdowns and prove you are the best chef in hell.
  • Meet pop-culture sinners such as Mealificent, St Reaper, and Sephiroot and mythological gods such as Loki, Persephone and Osiris while spiraling down the nine circles of hell!
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