Legend of Legacy | Art

Legend of Legacy | Art

I know that there are a lot of you out there looking forward to this one just like I am, and it appears that the fine folks at Atlus have done us a solid by putting a demo up for the forthcoming RPG The Legend of Legacy for Nintendo 3DS. And it’s not just a throwaway trial, either. You get to fully experience the prologue chapter and the first two dungeons of the game! When you start, you get to pick from seven different characters to try out and best of all, the save data from the demo will transfer to the full build so there’s no wasted effort for the consumer. The demo’s currently on the Nintendo 3DS eShop but you’ll have to do a search for it since it’s not featured. [ED. NOTE: A fairly easy way to find it is to go into Demos and have the list sort by “Latest”. The Legend of Legacy will be the second game on the list behind the upcoming DBZ game.]

The Legend of Legacy is the story of the world of Avalon, recently awoken and teeming with magic. The game, developed by FuRyu (Unchained Blades) as well as former Square Enix and Level 5 staffers, is said to be a spiritual successor to the SaGa series and will offer free roaming options for players so that they aren’t stuck on a purely linear path. There is a main story that needs to be played through in order to complete The Legend of Legacy but it is not by any means a ‘corridor’ RPG.

Atlas and FuRyu also graced us with a new batch of screen shots that really show off the eye catching charm and liveliness of the art direction. Check them out by clicking on the thumbnails below!

The Legend of Legacy will be available for the Nintendo 3DS on October 13, 2015 in North America and the first quarter of 2016 in Europe. Until then, we all have this demo we can enjoy!


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