Idol anime series, PriPara, has received numerous complaints submitted to the Broadcasting Ethics & Program Improvement Organization. The submissions are in regards to a single frame of one of the characters in the outro where her shoulder is exposed, deeming the fallen shoulder strap “highly inappropriate”. The studio, Tatsunoko Production, has since replaced the image before it caused any damage to the show’s younger viewers.

…replaced with this.

As seen in the video below, the picture in question is far less revealing than some of the other bikini wearing girls in other frames. Faithful otaku’s are sure to cause an uproar over this naturally unnecessary move.

Furthermore, fans have discovered that the image is only paying tribute to a photograph taken of Marilyn Monroe.


PriPara’s season continues with the replaced frame. Fans can only hope that the hideous frame that replaced the original does not end up in the BD.

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