Phantom Breaker Battlegrounds | press start
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Humble Bundle Features Phantom Breaker, Stardust Vanguards

Phantom Breaker Battlegrounds | press start

Great news for fans of the types of niche games we here at oprainfall love so much (and you do too, or else you wouldn’t be here.) Humble Bundle is offering their ‘Super Slam Showdown’ collection again. It’s a pretty cool lineup of titles, featuring the Japanese anime themed beat ’em up Phantom Breaker: Battlegrounds, the action shooter Stardust Vanguards, and the time time travelling mayhem platformer No Time To Explain. As of this moment, the average price for the collection is $2.68, so a penny more gets you  gets you the literal one hit wonder Divekick and the Tron-esque first person techno themed shooter Robot Roller Derby Disco Dodgeball (which is every bit as crazy awesome as it sounds.) Spending the full minimum of $7.00 gets you the multiplayer party title Sportsfriends. There is a lot of value to be had for next to nothing, and the best part of it yet is that you can choose to support the devs and the noble charities of Zidisha and AbleGamers. There is really no excuse not to get these games and support a good cause at the same time. Head on over at this link and check it out!



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