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Indeed, Super Mario Maker is finally almost here. With just two days left until the game’s launch for Wii U on Friday, it’s time to be hyped! If you’ve been waiting since E3 or earlier, you can finally have a copy in your hand in a couple more days. The game is set to launch this Friday, September the 11th for Wii U systems everywhere. While waiting ages for a game you’re excited about is never fun, it’s usually well worth the wait in the end, and Super Mario Maker should be no exception.

Nintendo has a few minor events in the works to celebrate the game’s launch. Firstly, Nintendo of America’s website says that the Nintendo Treehouse will be doing a Super Mario Maker Live Workshop tomorrow (Thursday the 10th) at 3:00pm PST. If you’re excited about the game’s impending arrival, you may as well hop on their Twitch page to watch it at that time. This may help tide you over on the last day before the game launches.

Mario vs. Bowser beneath the sea!
How do fireballs work underwater? Joking aside, Bowser doesn’t usually like to fight underwater
but in this case he seems to have made an exception!

Also, if you haven’t preordered the game and want to try it out before you buy it, you may be in luck. There is a free trial event happening on Saturday, September 12th at select Walmart stores. You can head in and try out the game for yourself. The event will be taking place at 1:00pm-4:00pm (local time) at each of the participating Walmart Stores. For a list of which Walmart stores are participating in the Super Mario Maker trial event, you can jump to this page on to see the list.

For those of you in regions outside of North America, I searched around but didn’t find any similar trial events for you guys. The Twitch event mentioned above should be fine though since it’s an online thing, you just have to hope it’s not in the middle of the night in your time zone. Then again, if it is you can always hop on their page and watch it a little later rather than live as it happens.

Super Mario Maker Case and Booklet

Regardless of these minor events, Super Mario Maker is finally almost here! Are you ready to build your own devious stages for others to tackle, and do you have what it takes to conquer the most nefarious levels the online community will create?



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