Castle Crashers Remastered


Castle Crashers Remastered has arrived on XBox One. It boasts much larger textures for a much more HD look, as well as running at 60FPS. As before, the game has a number of unlockables including characters, weapons, and animal orbs. The game’s page on the XBox One Store says there are more than 25 characters and over 40 weapons to unlock. Having played the original game, I can say that it is a very fun and silly side-scrolling hack and slash arcade adventure. You can of course also play coop with as many as 4 players. There are also some other modes like the Arena Battle mode where you can fight your friends, the Back Off Barbarian minigame, and Insane Mode which they call “the ultimate campaign challenge”.

If you own the original Castle Crashers for XBox 360, you can get Castle Crashers Remastered from the XBox One store for free! This offer lasts until the 20th of September, at which point the discount will revert to being $5 for previous owners, and $14.99 for everyone else. But alas, there is a bit of a catch though, as the developer’s website says:

“You’ll just need an active Xbox Live Gold membership, the same gamer profile that owns Castle Crashers on Xbox 360, and get this game by September 20, 2015!”

So if you don’t have an active Xbox Live Gold membership, that’s going to be a problem for you. 

Castle Crashers Remastered Box Art


In Castle Crashers Remastered and the original, you can obtain new weapons in your travels and level up your characters. When you level up, you get to choose which skills to put your points into (Strength, Magic, Defense, and Agility). This gives you a lot of control over just how you level up your characters. For example, you can tailor characters to specific roles which could be quite useful if you play a lot of coop.

A PC version of Castle Crashers Remastered is in development, but no details have been revealed yet with regard to a release date or loyalty discount program for that release. So don’t worry if you own the original game on Steam instead of on the XBox 360. Just keep watching for that news whenever it should come!




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