Ladies and Gentlemen, take this only as seriously as you wish. This is Last Week’s King and Kong.


MangaGamer - King and Kong

King goes to MangaGamer for the announcement of Kindred Spirits on the Roof coming uncensored to Steam. This marks the first time MG will be able to publish an adult visual novel without having to censor any of the content.

So what is Kindred Spirits on the Roof? It’s a visual novel that features two lesbian ghosts haunting a girls academy. While that certainly sparks attention, the story should certainly keep it as the two characters explore unrequited love and how they weren’t able to experience love during their lifetimes.

Kudos to MangaGamer. This is certainly a big accomplishment for you. But I think your head translator John Pickett said it best:

It’s great to see our years of effort finally paying off as visual novels containing adult content gain more mainstream acceptance and recognition as a valuable medium for artistic expression… This is monumental news for the industry as a whole. Everything will be open and up-front with this release; no off-site patch or workarounds. Kindred Spirits will be sold on Steam completely uncensored. Seeing frank depictions of same-sex relationships welcomed on such a major gaming platform is a true testament to the open-mindedness of our society and the growing desire for mature entertainment that people of all walks of life can enjoy.

Congrats, John. You and the team at MangaGamer certainly deserve this crowning achievement.


The nominations for Kong have been so good and so deserving — and neither one really stood out as bad enough to really separate them — that I’m leaving this one up to you guys.

Machinima - King and Kong Nominee

First nominee unceremoniously goes to gaming entertainment company and YouTube Multi-Channel Network Machinima for defrauding the Federal Trade Commission.

…Whoa… You know it’s serious when the government gets involved. Lying, cheating, and stealing from your employees and audience? Just an average day’s work. Do so to the federal government? You better start praying. You don’t even have to be a citizen of the country for them to come after you. Remember what happened to that old Swiss soccer fan earlier this year? They pressured him so hard, he ended up quitting his job and ran for the Alps!

So what was it that got them caught? Well, do you remember XB1M13? This was a campaign, done in conjunction with Microsoft through its advertising agency Starcom MediaVest Group, where those involved could get extra money from Machinima to create a video saying how great the Xbox One is. In addition, the content creators could say nothing about the contract they signed or that the video was a paid endorsement.

This was primarily what caused the FTC to act, since non-disclosure of a paid endorsement is against the law. Because of this, Machinima will now be under watch for the next 20 years by the FTC.


Pokemon Party - King and Kong Nominee

Second nomination goes to Ramar Jones and Zack Shore, those guys that had the Unofficial Pokemon PAX Kickoff Party. The two are now in court going up against The Pokemon Company for illegal use of trademarks.

Was the Pokemon Company overreacting to this? Perhaps, but they need to make sure that people understand that they will defend their property. And given that this was an adult party with alcoholic drinks, this was not something that the company wanted their name attached to, particularly if something went wrong.

But the important thing is that these two learn from this. Honestly, there are ways to have a large party with other adult Pokemon fans. If they opted not to use any of the Pokemon in their adverts as well as didn’t use the name in anything other than describing the party as one for adult Pokemon fans, they might have been okay — and especially if they had ran it by the company to make sure they didn’t get in legal trouble beforehand.

Seriously, a few well thought-out steps could’ve saved them time and legal fees.

Also, this was the fifth edition of the party. How did The Pokemon Company miss this before?

Jimmy Kimmel vs. Video Gamers - King and Kong Nominee

The third nominee goes to all those involved in Video Gamers vs. Jimmy Kimmel, including Jimmy Kimmel himself.

For those that for some reason don’t know what happened, Kimmel had a 2 minute segment where he joked about YouTube Gaming, the new dedicated gaming platform on the website. The joke featured Kimmel calling it the “We Should All Be Very Ashamed of Ourselves for Failing as Parents Channel” and then followed up with a video of several other joke platforms in which you watched people watching other people watching video games.

Why did this not make it on here last week? Because I’ve never cared much for Jimmy Kimmel in probably 11 years — the incident was when he told Detroit not to burn to the ground when the Pistons were on their way to beating the Los Angeles Lakers; although I think he was upset that a bunch of no-names were beating the Lakers.

Well, that and for one of his misguided segments that angered so many people that he needed to mention how he received a large amount of negative responses because of it, this one was actually kind of funny.

But, of course, his ignorance on the subject came to a head in an episode last week. Instead of showing any sort of growing and learning of what people see in it, he went on the attack and criticized those that came after him, though some of those comments were kind of stupid.

Which leads to the other side of the nomination: those that attacked him. The verbal attacks on Kimmel also included attacks against his wife and daughter.

Did we learn nothing from last year? We need to start acting like we’re in The Godfather. By that, I mean the joke was merely business, not personal. Counter like it’s business.

The New Konami Corporation Logo
The New Konami Corporation Logo

And the final nominee… oh God, what did they do now?

So, Konami is back again with an attack on Twitter users. Fanart of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain has been taken down due to supposed copyright infringment.

…I’ve got no more f**** to give regarding Konami. I initially wanted to do a memorial for Konami the day Phantom Pain released, but I can’t seem to find it in me to say much of anything positive regarding Konami, even from a nostalgic perspective. And based on the past few months, it has become increasingly clear that they just want to be known as the mangy dog they’ve become.

Hail the Ultimate Kong.

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