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There is exciting news for fans of both shoot em up games and for fans of the famous shoot em up developer, Cave. Cave will be bringing some of their famous shooters to Steam through a partnership with Degica. Degica will be publishing games beginning this winter. At this time, there are no specific details, but they have launched a website so fans can subscribe for regular updates to their email account. As we get more details, we will inform you of the latest and breaking news from both Degica and Cave. While the wait begins, we can at least speculate which titles could possibly come to Steam and when it will be available to purchase.

Are you excited to see Cave bring their games over to Steam with the assistance of Degica? Which games do you believe will make it over to Steam? Will we finally see some of Cave’s famous import bullet hell shooters be released worldwide? Share us your thoughts and reactions to Cave’s partnership with Degica to bring over their games to Steam.


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