Pandora's Tower

Pandora's Tower

The announcement for Pandora’s Tower was indeed one of the happiest moment for niche gamers in North America, but now we’ve got to say some sad news along with it. EighthSquall at GoNintendo asked XSEED in an email if Pandora’s Tower will have Limited Edition of its own.

XSEED’s response:

Afraid there is not going to be a Limited Edition version, just the standalone game. However, we will look into a reversible cover or perhaps adding some artwork into the owner’s manual.

A shame really, as I thought The Last Story’s Limited Edition was easily one the best packaging a game got in a long while, especially for a JRPG.  Though lets look at the bright side, they did say they’re looking into a reversible cover or artwork into the manual which is pretty sweet. They also did say that they would look into the black case, which even the PAL region got. However I must stress this: while I did mention that I loved The Last Story’s Limited Edition – or, hell, all of their Limited Editions that they gave to numerous games like the Ys games on PSP – I’m just happy we’re getting the game at all, so thank you XSEED.


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