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Nintendo of America announced over Twitter today the release of Vs. Excitebike for the Wii U Virtual Console on August 31st. The release of the game is part of their Builders Week event. This will be a rare non-Thursday release of a Virtual console game on the Wii U eShop. Not to be confused with the NES version of Excitebike currently on the Wii U Virtual Console, this version contains enhanced features. Originally only released on the Famicom Disk System, Vs. Excitebike includes additional tracks, more music, and a track editor. Unlike the track editor in Excitebike, tracks created in the track editor in Vs. Excitebike can be saved, even when the game is turned off or reset.

Are you excited to see a better version of Excitebike on the Wii U Virtual Console? Do you plan to purchase the game when it is released? Could this potentially confuse consumers? or Do you not care for Excitebike and would rather play a different game? Share us your thoughts on the release of the game.

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