Robot Loves Kitty  have announced the GameKid: a solidly built retro styled handheld computer that is currently on Kickstarter. For a few details on what exactly this is check out the full press release below.

Press Release

Robot Loves Kitty, the indie dev studio responsible for Legend of Dungeon, and Upsilon Circuit; are Kickstarting a Raspberry Pi handheld console. The handheld, called the GameKid, runs a large set of emulators and native Raspberry Pi games.

Robot Loves Kitty’s master plan is to bring more indie games to the Raspberry Pi. They are already reaching out to developers, and they will be hosting the “Raspberry Jam” during the Kickstarter, as the first step to encourage developers to build for the platform.

There are over 5 Million Pi’s in existence, and these devs don’t see why more of them shouldn’t be for playing games.

The GameKid Kickstarter rewards include things like: a strange little figurine, DIY kits, Glow in the Dark GameKids, and even a stainless steel “run it over with a tank” version.

You can check out the kickstarter here to learn more about the project

Raspberry Pi’s are all over the place but Robot Loves Kitty think they need more indie games. Of course we can’t argue with that! They are putting out a call for indie games on the platform… “because there are over 5 million Pi’s out there, all of which are perfectly capable of playing games!”
Check out the GameKid Raspberry Jam on from September 13 to September 20. Robot Loves Kitty will be taking part and livestreaming the whole time.


  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi A+, B+ and 2

  • Configured for RetroPie to emulate all your favorite consoles and Pi games.

  • D-Pad, 4 Front Buttons, Start/Select/Option, and 2 Trigger buttons

  • Built in Stereo Speakers and a Headphone Jack

  • 2500mAh Battery (lasts ~5 hours with an A+ Pi), rechargeable by Micro USB port

  • HDMI out! Connect to a TV and add USB controllers for a portable multiplayer game console!

  • Functional Raspberry Pi mini computer! Just add a mouse and keyboard.

Some helpful links to find out a bit more:

GameKid Website 

A list of games playable on the GameKid

More games available


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