Ladies and gentlemen of the gaming community, take this only as seriously as you wish. It is time for King and Kong.


Pokemon World Championship 2015 - King and Kong

It’s a crowded podium for King as it goes to the Boston Police Department, the Pokemon Company, and several Pokemon fans that warned people about two idiots that were coming to the Pokemon World Championship with a pair of guns in the trunk.

The Tag Team of Colossal Fail — as I will refer to them in this article — were invitees to the event being held at Boston’s Hynes Convention Center. But before leaving, they decided to post an interesting image of what their luggage consisted of — a shotgun and an AR-15.

Whether or not it was a joke, the other event goers took it seriously and contacted both Boston PD and the Pokemon Company. As the two arrived on Friday, security kept Colossal Fail out of the event area while Boston police obtained and enforced a search warrant of the car, which did in fact have both guns and plenty of ammo.

For as much of a bad reputation law enforcers have been getting the past couple of years, it’s nice to read a story about them doing something that not only brought someone to justice but also kept everyone alive. Kudos to the Boston PD. And kudos to all those involved in stopping a violent event from happening.

And while I’m at it, congratulations goes out to the 2015 Pokemon Champions

  • Trading Card Game
    • Masters Division: Jacob Van Wagner (USA)
    • Senior Division: Patrick Martinez (USA)
    • Junior Division: Rowan Stavenow (Canada)
  • Video Game
    • Masters Division: Shoma Honami (Japan)
    • Senior Division: Mark McQuillan (Great Britain)
    • Junior Division: Kotone Yasue (Japan)


If you’re thinking that those idiots that decided to bring guns to a Pokemon event deserve to be labelled Kong, they do. And, for the record books, they will be listed as such. However, I don’t really feel like talking about the same thing twice. So, for this portion, while Colossal Fail will be officially Konged, we will talk about someone else that did something stupid — not as stupid, but still pretty stupid.

Game Grumps - King and Kong

For those of you that follow Game Grumps, you probably saw an episode recently where Arin and Danny were playing Sonic Adventure DX. In it, the two were frustrated with the Knuckles portion of the game — which is understandable, as it is garbage. But instead of focusing their rage on the game, they opted for a different target — the writer of a walkthrough.

Unfortunately, this led to a number of Grump fans going after the writer (if you were one of those, go put on the Stupid Helmet right now) for what the Grumps thought was a bad walkthrough. However, the Grumps weren’t aware that the emeralds you’re supposed to find with Knuckles are placed randomly in the levels. In their defense, this was never initially mentioned in the walkthrough (it has recently been updated). However, it was still unwarranted, especially for something that was written over a decade ago — which probably qualifies it as a senior citizen in internet years.

Either way, you don’t expect to have someone come up to you and rip you a new one for something you made more than ten years ago. Thankfully, the Grumps realized that it was wrong and re-edited the video to censor the name. Danny also issued an apology on the Grump Reddit. And the writer seems to have taken it all in stride — and was amazed by the facts that so many people came to his defense and that his walkthrough was even being used at this point in time.

So, all’s well that ends well. But still, not cool… you herbs.

Agree with the choices? Have your own King and Kong? Let us know in the comments below.

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