Tales of Symphonia (Chronicles) | Presea smiling with eyes shut

Tales of Symphonia Chronicles | Presea Eternal Devestation cut-in

As usual, Namco Bandai continues to release new trailers for Tales of Symphonia Chronicles, highlighting some key moments for individual party members while demonstrating the improved high-definition visuals.

Following up on the character trailers we’ve already covered, such as those featuring Colette, Sheena, and Genis, we now have a trailer for Presea Combatir, the party’s axe-wielding youth, considered by some to be the most endearing among the cast. The trailer highlights some scenes for Presea without showing too many scenes that build up to each other, which would become spoilers for those who have not played Tales of Symphonia yet.

Some battle snippets show Presea wearing an unlockable costume and performing some moves, including her most powerful attack, which was only available in the updated Japanese PlayStation 2 version of the game. Both cut-in illustrations for Presea’s high-level attack, which appear during and after the attack, have been redrawn.

You can watch the trailer below:

Tales of Symphonia Chronicles will release on PlayStation 3 in Japan October 10, 2013. The game is expected to release in North America and Europe next year and is currently available for pre-order in the United States at Amazon.com.

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