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Along with the huge gallery of screenshots D3 released from their up coming JRPG rogue-like for the PlayStation Vita, Omega Labyrinth, they have now released more detailed information on the characters you can expect to play with…I mean as.

Here are the girls of the Anberyl Girls Academy:

Aina Akemiya

Aina Akemiya | Omega Labyrinth

Aina is the optimist of the group, questing for the “Holy Grail of Beauty” in order to increase her breast size. She isn’t the most intelligent girl at school, but she isn’t considered a loner and finds herself at the center of attention. According to Aina, her butt makes up for what she lacks in breast size.

Nako Mimomo

Nako Mimomo | Omega Labyrinth

Nako, Aina’s best friend, loves to cook. Her chest is considerably bigger than Aina’s and Aina believes that it’s due to all the nutrients Nako consumes in her food. They are often found together and some how always getting into trouble.

Sairi Sousha

Sairi Sousha | Omega Labyrinth

Sairi is a quarter-Russian who loves Aina. She is very formal making her more the silent type. She also doesn’t feel happy about her chest size, so her in Aina get along quiet well.


Pai | Omega Labyrinth

Pai is a fairy who loves boobs and does not pick sides when it comes to being either good or evil. Aina saves her and so she tells her the story of the cave under the school and of the Holy Grail.

Omega Labyrnth is coming to PlayStation Vita on Nov. 19 in Japan.


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