tumblr_nt9gow7Sws1u3akyno5_1280.0Splatoon’s upcoming Splatfest theme has been announced by Nintendo, and it’s a bit special. Sponsored by Hasbro, players will choose between the honorable Autobots and the villainous Decepticons. This will be the first sponsored Splatfest in North America. Japan already had two under their belt.

Splatfest are special events that occur in Splatoon where players pick one of two sides and battle for supremacy via Turf Wars matches, Splatoon’s signature game mode. The event last 24 hours. At the end, the winning side is chosen based on its popularity and their winning percentage. All participants receive a special in game currency called Super Sea Snails which can be used to customize their gear. These events are the only way to earn Super Sea Snails.


This will be the fourth Splatfest since Splatoon’s release. The first one was Cats vs. Dogs and was somewhat contentious. Dogs won overall despite having a lower winning percentage. After that it was Roller Coasters vs. Water Slides. The previous one was Marshmallows vs. Hot Dogs (as in which would you rather roast over a campfire).

The battle for the fate of Earth, as fought by two warring robot factions proxied by children who may or may not be a squid, begins midnight ET on August 29.

Karli Winata
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