Diablo III logo

Diablo III logo

At Sony’s PlayStation 4 reveal, Blizzard announced Diablo III for the PlayStation 3 and 4. Although there is currently no information on the PlayStation 4 version, there is some information on the PlayStation 3 version. First off, you will be able to play offline with up to four players on the same console. The question of offline play had arisen in the past; now, Blizzard has confirmed that there will be offline play.

Another change to Diablo III on the PS3 is the removal of the real-money auction house. Joshua Mosqueira, the game’s lead designer, said, “There were some technical reasons we had to go with offline, but again once you have an offline experience, even if we wanted to bring in the auction house, it just becomes problematic. How do you validate? How do you make sure there is no duping or any of that stuff?”

Blizzard has also hinted that Diablo III may not remain a PlayStation exclusive. They’ve also released a trailer for the port:

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