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Japanese Indie Game Sale on Steam This Week!

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Great news for fans of Japanese and niche games! Steam is having a Japanese indie game sale in recognition of the Summer Comiket taking place this coming weekend (the exact dates are August 14, 15, and 16).  Comiket, as many of you are aware of, is shorthand for Comic Market, a festival held twice yearly in Tokyo, Japan where independent creators gather to sell their comics, or doujinshi, to a rabid fanbase eager to see what tomorrow’s big names are doing today. Additionally, some big names will attend (or have representation) to sell small projects and their own fanzines, sometimes under pseudonyms. Fans never quite know what they’re going to see and that mystery is part of the excitement! Comiket draws half a million people and besides having a reputation for being a treasure trove of fantastic manga, it’s also got a reputation for notoriously long lines and overcrowded walkways. But in the end, most people feel it’s worth it.  They keep going after all, right?

There are a lot of Japanese games on Steam and Valve recognizes the cultural value and importance of Comiket, and they’re putting a good deal of independent offerings on sale in celebration. Right now, is a good time to cash in on some great indie games, from oldschool-style RPGs and shooters to modern brawlers and beat-em-ups. If you’re interested in seeing what’s for sale at some great discounted prices, click here!


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