Xenoblade X 23

One thing that made Xenoblade and by extension, The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower stand out among its peers was its use of British voice acting instead of the efforts of English voice acting. Being that Nintendo of Europe went and cast competent voice actors didn’t hurt matters either, and the games were lauded for it, especially Xenoblade. With the news that Nintendo of America would be handling the localization of Xenoblade X, many just passed on the thought of the game using British voicing exclusively like its predecessor, if any at all, until now.

During this year’s Gamescom, a representative of Nintendo of Europe claimed on their Live Twitch feed for the Xenoblade X demonstration that the game will feature both English and British voice acting mixed in. While it may not be as prevalent as many hoped it could have been, its good that they at least considered it and done something nice for those who enjoyed the original game’s voice performances. Its also nice that Nintendo of America would continue to broaden the game’s voice acting line up instead of going with the usual by the numbers anime voice actors we’re so used to hearing in Japanese dubbed games.

Xenoblade X is a Wii U exclusive and will be released on December 4th of this year in North America and that same month in Europe.


David Fernandes
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