Final Fantasy VII

Square Enix Sale

While I may have my share of complaints about Square Enix recently, I do love a lot of their classic games. Which is good, since many of those, plus a good mix of newer titles, are currently on sale on PSN. These games range from PS3 to Vita to even PS classics and PSP. Though I won’t list the entirety of the list, since there are 30+ in the sale, I will list what I deem the highlights (which means no Lightning related games will be listed). For the entire list, feel free to click the link below, right before you go and drop a bunch of cash on all these great Square Enix games!

  • Chrono Trigger (PS3, PSP, Vita) $4.99
  • Dragkengard 3 (PS3) $19.99
  • Final Fantasy VII (PS3, PSP, Vita) $4.99
  • Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions (PSP, Vita) $4.99
  • Legend of Mana (PS3, PSP, Vita) $2.99
  • Parasite Eve (PS3, PSP, Vita) $2.99
  • Xenogears (PS3, PSP, Vita) $9.99


Josh Speer
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