humble bandai namco bundle

We got a nice surprise today from Humble Bundle, Bandai Namco games are on sale for the next two weeks. The package is currently valued at $109, with more games to come soon. For as little as $1 you can get Pac-Man: Championship Edition DX+, Platformines and DeadCore. If you pay more than the current average amount of $5.57, you’ll get the Ridge Racer Unbounded Bundle, ENSLAVED: Odyssey to the West, and Ace Combat Assault Horizon. Finally, if you pay $10 or more, Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition can be yours. Proceeds from this sale will go to Save The Children by default, but as always, you can choose where your amount goes by making use of the sliders on the bottom of the Humble Bundle page.


Joe Sigadel
Joe is the reporting manager for oprainfall, he is also a broadcaster on Twitch and loves showing off many of the games we report about on his channel. He has also been known to defended Senran Kagura from those who only want to accept it at face value.