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The shinobi who don’t remain hidden, Shuriken Sentai Ninninger are the 39th entry in the Super Sentai television series franchise. These ninjas continue the tradition of beating up the bad guys in bright colored outfits with cool moves, weapons, and giant combining mecha.

Synopsis(From Wikipedia):

“Centuries ago, the ruthless feudal warlord Gengetsu Kibaoni was slain by the Igasaki Ninja clan, before discarding his humanity to become a Yokai. In his first attempt to rise again, Kibaoni was defeated and sealed by Yoshitaka Igasaki, a man known as the Last Ninja, but three generations later, Kibaoni is unsealed by his retainer Kyuemon Izayoi. As only members of Igasaki bloodline can stop the rampaging Yokai, Yoshitaka’s son Tsumuji Igasaki assembles the Ninningers, composed of his children Takaharu and Fuka and cousins Yakumo Kato, Nagi Matsuo, and Kasumi Momochi, to master their clan’s Shuriken Ninja Arts(Shuriken Ninpō) and fight the Kibaoni Army Corps.”

The 22nd episode aired on Sunday July 26th, which means the series is at its halfway point.  The Ninningers are getting comfortable with their powers, themselves, and each other so it’s time for bad guys to pull out the big guns and get the Ninningers all out of rhythm. This is the perfect time to jump into the series or catch up so you can cheer on the Ninningers as they attempt to overcome unbeatable odds.

Here are a few reasons why you should catch up on Shuriken Sentai Ninninger:

They are the shinobi who don’t remain hidden. Ninjas are awesome, but when the ninjas don’t hide and strike from the shadows they are even better.


The Yokai are created by sticking a corrupted sealing shuriken on everyday objects. We’ve seen a Yokai come from objects such as a bike, a refrigerator, and a lawnmower. What else is next?Ninnin yokai

The Rangers chemistry. They fight together well, but they also compete and fight amongst each other well. Only the really good Super Sentai series have chemistry this good.

shuriken sentai

The Ninja Ally mechas. For the first time ever we have mechas that do not follow a certain theme. A dump truck, cute puppy, train, humanoid, and dragon all combine together to form Shuriken Gattai Shurikenjin.shurikenjin

The mysterious fox retainer of Gengetsu Kibaoni, Kyuemon Izayoi. Who is Kyuemon, why did she attempt to destroy the Igasaki dojo, and what is her motive to revive Gengetsu Kibaoni?Kyuemon

Gengetsu Kibaoni. When he’s finally freed what hell will he unleash for the Rangers and Earth?Gengetsu

Who among the Rangers will be given the title “The Last Ninja”? Will it be Takaharu? At this point any Ninninger can claim the title.




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