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Atlus announced on Thursday that Persona 4: Dancing All Night will release on PlayStation Vita in stores and digitally on September 29. The game also received an ESRB rating and updated corresponding box art that you may have noticed above, along with some screenshots they also provided, which you can find below. Additionally, Atlus released new information on the characters of Persona 4: Dancing All Night:

This time, Rise’s junior takes center stage! Kanami Mashita is the leader of Kanamin Kitchen and ready to get down in P4D! But just like Rise before her, you may start to get the impression that just because you’re a super popular idol, doesn’t mean life is any easier. Kanami is a brand new character (ok, she was mentioned in Persona 4, but never shown), but she’s an important part of the game’s story mode! Oh, and if you’re wondering why she calls herself a prize cow with marbled meat, Kanamin Kitchen’s Idol gimmick is that they all represent types of meat. But you’ll find out more about that in Story Mode!

Check out her moves here.

They also provided a description of the lovable Teddie and released a trailer for him, too.

You can rest assured that no matter how grizzly the situation or what dangers may come to bear, when there’s idols in need of rescue, Teddie will be there! The Midnight Channel denizen makes his way to the big city to perform with Rise, Yu, and the rest of the Investigation Team but not before getting swept up in the bear-ou-ha-ha when Kanamin Kitchen disappears.

Atlus also had a reminder about the special edition of Dancing All Night:

Available this fall, P4D will arrive in stores in both a Launch Edition as well as the Persona 4: Dancing All Night “Disco Fever” Edition! The “Disco Fever” Edition includes a 2-disc soundtrack, a full-color Teddie enameled pouch, costume DLC, and a Teddie keychain. Both the “Disco Fever” and retail launch editions will include a PS Vita skin decal and 10 matching wallpapers.
The Launch Edition will retail for $49.99/CA$59.99 both physically and digitally, while the “Disco Fever” Edition will retail for $79.99/CA$89.99. You can check out the official website here.

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