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Heads up to all Crunchyroll users that are currently enjoying content on their Nintendo Wii U entertainment systems (we know you’re out there!) The Wii U app has received an update today that makes it possible for anybody with a Crunchyroll login, even those that don’t have a premium (pay) account, to stream anime. Of course, just like with viewing Crunchyroll content via PC and web browser, you’ll still have to put up with advertisements if you aren’t a premium member but hey, it’s a very small inconvenience to be able to enjoy the massive library Crunchyroll offers. At any rate, go watch some great shows on your Wii U via Crunchyroll, folks! The doors are now open for all!


Tom Tolios
Really smart, talks too much, loves the video games and the Star Wars and the Game of Thrones, likes the manga and some anime and knows that Kentaro Miura's Berserk is the greatest thing ever made.