super mario maker bundles

There’s been a lot of word on Super Mario Maker‘s upcoming release lately, not just on what it’ll include, but also on the 8-bit Mario amiibos to coincide along with it. There are two amiibos coming out along with the game, Classic Colors and Modern Colors, with the latter being modeled after the 8-bit Mario seen in Super Mario 3D Land and Super Mario 3D World‘s save screens.

Announced today were some bundles for Super Mario Maker to coincide with its release. There is a Standard Edition which includes the game, and an artbook. Revealed today is also a Limited Edition bundle that includes the game, an artbook, and a Classic Colors 8-bit Mario amiibo; Lastly, a Wii U Premium Bundle that includes a black Wii U console, Super Mario Maker, a classic colors 8-bit Mario amiibo, and an artbook was shown as well along with the Limited Edition and Standard Edition.

So far, the Super Mario Maker bundles and amiibos have only been given European and Australian release dates, with the Wii U Premium Bundle being released on September 11th in Europe, and September 12 in Australia, though it has been confirmed that the U.S. will get the artbook in Standard Edition copies. The Modern Colors 8-bit Mario amiibo will come out in Europe on October 23rd, and in Australia on October 24th. The Classic Colors 8-bit Mario amiibo can be purchased outside of the bundle on September 11th in Europe, and September 12th in Australia. In addition, only the Limited Edition bundle and the Standard Package (With artbook) have been added to Amazon for pre-orders, and other web sites like GAME, while the Wii U Premium bundle has not been listed yet on any web sites, though it should be added soon.

There are no dates given yet for U.S. releases as well, for neither the bundles or the amiibos, but dates are said to be incoming. Super Mario Maker has been slated to come on September 11 later this year.


Arvind Radakrishnan
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