I’ll be honest, the hardest part about this tribute wasn’t finding the images; it was the words. It felt like whatever I tried to put down wasn’t right. But after seeing so many share their thoughts and emotions for Nintendo’s leader — even some that had never experienced a big loss in their lives yet — I knew that the words didn’t need to be perfect, but just said (or written). That’s what mattered.

As someone that lost a family member well before what I thought was their time, a sudden loss can be devastating. You’re never ready for it, you never expect it, but it can happen whether you’re ready or not. And no matter how many times it happens to people you know, it is always shocking and leaving you with so many questions of what could have been done differently.

But there is one thing you need to know in times like this: don’t ever fear that you’ll forget them. As time goes by, no matter what path life takes you, you will never forget them. Maybe you’ll see something that they had a hand in, some mannerism that they used to do, maybe a dream… and that’s when it will happen. You may be saddened, you may feel happy, you may even cry; but most importantly, you will remember them. And in a time of shock and mourning, that is a comforting thing to know.

And so, we say goodbye to Mr. Iwata one last time as well look at his career, creativity, passion for his craft, and the outpouring of support from the community in pictures.

Satoru Mii-wata

Some of our favorite tributes

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Credit to JJsonicblast86
Credit to JJsonicblast86
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