Street Fighter V Ken

Street Fighter V Ken Official Art

Capcom announced the return of series regular Ken Masters to Street Fighter V at a San Diego Comic Con 2015 panel that recently finished. With Ken making an appearance in Street Fighter V, he joins Ryu as part of a short list of Street Fighter characters that have appeared in every Street Fighter game. Past that, Ken has also appeared in most all other spinoffs and crossovers featuring Capcom properties.

Ken sports a new look and a moveset that seems to incorporate highly stylized deviations from the traditional Shotokan form that he and Ryu were taught. Ken has always been flashy, but his new take on the Tatsumaki Senpukyaku is markedly different from Ryu’s. To say nothing of the difference in Ryu and Ken’s outfits! Ken uses the bottom half of his gi but is mixing that with a sporty black and red shirt.

The US PSBlog received an update from Capcom Community Manager Peter Rosas, who shed some additional light on character mechanics specific to Street Fighter V’s version of Ken. His V-Skill is called “Quick Step” and allows Ken to quickly travel towards his opponent. Once activated it can be cancelled whenever the player chooses by using an attack. Ken’s V-Trigger is the “Heat Rush”, which changes his special attacks by altering the trajectory of the moves and adding more hits to them.

Watch the trailer below! It teases another character at the end, but this is one who I think is likely to be a new character rather than a familiar face. See for yourself!

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