Project X Zone 2 | Japan

Good news, fans of crazy RPG mashups! Project X Zone 2: Brave New World officially has a Japanese release date. It is slated to hit Japanese shores this November 12th at the price of 6,640 yen, according to reports from Famitsu. What is especially interesting is that the first run of games will include a bonus DLC challenge map, called “Woman of 10 Year’s Past”. I find this interesting mostly cause it opens up the door to the possibility of more DLC to be unveiled at a later date. The lack of replay value was one of the weaker features of the first game, but the inclusion of DLC would certainly help improve things. First print run copies apparently also include a download code for a special 3DS theme, no doubt based around characters from the game (please make this a Western feature).

Also available in Japan will be a more expensive 9,980 yen version of the game. This version will be called the Original Game Sound limited edition, and will include such goodies as a feature that lets you switch between the music used in the regular edition and music from the original title; a download code for Adventure of Valkyrie: Legend of the Key of Time with Xiamou; and a 3 sided and a illustrated Namco X Capcom 10th Anniversary insert. While none of these have been confirmed for the Western release of the game this Fall, I am confident we will get something juicy. After all, the first game got a pretty sweet special edition.

Finally, a new gameplay feature has been revealed that sounds quite interesting. It’s called a Mirage Cancel. Essentially, by pressing the B button during a Normal attack, your character will cease that attack and enter a slow motion state. From there, you are apparently able to aim for easier critical attacks. Sounds like it will add some much desired nuance to the fighting system from the first game. All in all, I’m quite excited for Project X Zone 2, and cannot wait for the Western release date to be officially nailed down.


Josh Speer
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