Valkyrie Drive

Valkyrie DriveThe Righteous Boob Producer, Kenichiro Takaki is at it again with his followup to Senran Kagura, Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni for the PlayStation Vita. For those of you who need a refresher on what Valkyrie Drive is about, our own Tom Tolios has an article describing the whole of the series, but for convenience I’ve quoted his description of Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkuni for you:

On the island of Bhikkhuri (and possibly the others), people in their teens and twenties are infected with a virus that grants them the ability to summon forth weapons but only after they’ve undergone an enhancement procedure that allows them to harness these remarkably advantageous side effects. The people that receive said enhancements are known as Rebreakers. The gameplay will focus on an aggressive attack style, with the player taking control of Ranka and Rinka and defeating swarms of enemies. The characters will improve their Synchronization Rate as the game progresses and this gradually evolves their weaponization abilities, attack combinations and dialogue.

To sum it up though, two large-breasted girls kiss, one of them turns into a weapon, they go defeat hordes of enemies. Just what we’ve come to expect from Mr. Takaki. Here’s hoping Marvelous/XSeed can deliver this glorious franchise to us one day. Until then, we have a new round of screenshots of the game and some concept art for your perusal. Enjoy!



Joe Sigadel
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