NIS New Title Horror

Nippon Ichi Software Logo

Earlier today Nippon Ichi Software launched a teaser website for a new game. The website is sourced below. There’s nothing else on it besides a black background and the preview clip that was uploaded to YouTube.

There’s no prior activity from Nippon Ichi Software that serves as an indicator as to what this game may be – recent trademarks, references to their other existing franchises, no nothing. No platform was indicated for this game. The trailer itself is impenetrable; it’s a good teaser, at least. “Consumer” is part of the teaser website’s URL, so it’s likely not a mobile game.

The teaser resembles a found-footage production, with a dull flashlight in a fixed position observing the environment as the vantage character aimlessly but hurriedly moves around. Eventually we come across a young girl who tells our vantage character (her older sister, or older sister figure?) that she wants to “go back.” And then disaster strikes.

Check out the trailer below! There’s nothing particularly scary about the trailer (in my opinion) so you can act cool and composed while watching it in front of anybody. If this is a new IP, odds are the game will not take too long to be revealed – maybe within a month or so at most.


Paul Kainoa Vigil
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