Good adaptations of video games are rare, even in comics. Ones that are also excellent and accessible to children even rarer still. Archie’s Mega Man written by Ian Flynn is both of those things, providing stuff for fans of superhero comics, Asimov-inspired science fiction, and of course the games themselves.

Archie has recently declared that Mega Man will be ending in issue #53 with a three-act wind-down arc after the crossover with the long-running Sonic The Hedgehog comic. Don’t get too close to that ledge yet though, Mega Man fans! (And if you’re a Mega Man fan, I know you’re always way too close to it) Archie has assured us that this is far from the end for the Blue Bomber.

With the success of Archie’s superhero and horror lines (my personal favorites being the moody Afterlife with Archie and the more comedic Archie Versus Predator) Archie is moving the focus for a lot of their work. Their title character Archie is even getting a reboot written by comics legend Mark Waid. has a fascinating interview concerning this. You can check it out by clicking here.

Jerry Hrechka
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