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It’s been announced that the action adventure title Reknum will be launching later this week on the PlayStation 4 and Switch. The game which. A trailer was released to accompany its upcoming release. You can take a look at the press release for it below.

Barcelona, Spain. January 27th 2020.

In Reknum you play the rol of the princess Cheri, who must advance through 6 different completely explorable zones, loot chests with crystals that will increase her passive skills in order to advance.


  • 2 Different weapons
  • New auto upgrade passive skill system
  • 6 different exploration zones with lot of looting
  • Hardcore platform based levels
  • Autosave feature
  • Hardcore fastfight bosses
  • 8 to 16bit graphics
  • 8bit to modern soundtrack

Release Dates:

About JanduSoft

JanduSoft is a Catalonian game company located in Barcelona, founded in 2012. Since then the company has grown in numbers and has been focusing on brand new games and experiences. JanduSoft published the arcade platformer/beat’em up Caveman Warriors for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, Neonwall, Super Hyperactive Ninja, V.O.I.D, Furwind and many more.

About Nape Games

NAPE GAMES S.L. is a independent video game & apps company. Located in Barcelona, Spain, we develop videogames based on the GML, Nesmaker and Unity 3D codes, being Consoles, PC and Mobile our target for publishing platforms.

SOURCE: Press Release

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