Dungeon Travelers 2

When Atlus announced that they would be localizing Aquaplus’ Dungeon Travelers 2: The Royal Library & the Monster Seal for the PlayStation Vita, they received a lot of negative criticism. If the game wasn’t be knocked by journalists and bloggers for its imagery, it was being criticized by western otakus for having a few censored images. But if that is all people are focused on, then what about the actual gameplay?

Dungeon Travelers 2

I got my hands on Dungeon Travelers 2 at E3 2015 and found enjoyment in the 40 minutes that I got to spend with the game. I first spent some time checking out the hub menu screen, where you can check your party and missions along with managing equipment and various character customization where you are able to change classes and add sub-classes once your character gets to a certain level. The hand drawn character avatars are extremely well done and I was also surprised with a very revealing CG image while playing through the demo. And from the hub menu, you exit to world map where you will move a cursor to the dungeon of your choice.


Like a typical dungeon crawler, it’s in the first person as you make your way down hall. And here is where the game truly gets interesting. The battle system is very straight forward you have attack, skills, items, defend, run so those use to JRPGs will feel right at home in this area. But when I tried to attack, I learned that my attacks were causing little to no damage to this random enemy, which is mostly played by another girl. The game forces you to use the classes of the monster girls to defeat certain enemies, so it’s up to the player to bring in the right party.


Dungeon Travelers 2 is very difficult and I died a few times during the demo because I went in thinking it was a walk in the park. So if you’re interested in the game for the CG, then you’re going to have to work hard for it because this game is 50 hours long with a New Game Plus that can last 20 hours.

Oh, look at that, we got through a whole impressions piece for this game without talking about the fan service. To make a long story short, it’s there, trust me.

Dungeon Travelers 2: The Royal Library & the Monster Seal is coming to PlayStation Vita this Summer.

(ED.NOTE: It was originally reported that the game would release on June 30th. This is technically inaccurate as no release date has been officially revealed by Atlus USA. We apologize for any confusion.)

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