E3 2015 Nintendo - Yo-kai Watch 13

A huge slew of news has come out of this year’s E3. Amidst games like Fire Emblem, Star Fox, and Xenoblade, some great, smaller titles might have gotten lost in the mix. Yo-Kai Watch is of those titles.

Announced for the West a few months ago, the game is actually the first in a trilogy. Of course the games are just the central piece of a larger media franchise, which includes toys, an anime, and a manga, all of which are slated to come to the Americas soon.

Well, among all the other announcements at E3, the American release date for the game has been announced. Yo-Kai Watch is set to release in the Americas during the Holiday of 2015. They also released a new trailer, which you can check out below:

Colin Malone
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