After 12 years of waiting, Sony has officially announced that users will be able to change their PlayStation Network names. This widely-requested feature starts with a beta as part of the PlayStation Preview Program. The tease for the years-in-waiting PlayStation Network name changes was teased last December at PSX by SEI Worldwide chairman Shawn Layden.

The beta for user name changes begins “soon” and continues until November 2018, with the feature to roll out wide next year. Users will be able to display both their new and old user names for the sake of recognition in fellow Friend Lists if they so choose.

Sony says any new PSN name will appear in all PlayStation 4 games released after April 2018, along with multiple PS4 games released before that time. However, name changes may not display in PlayStation 3, 4, and Vita online modes or features. Reverting back to your original name will solve any errors a user may have under these conditions.

As does Microsoft’s Xbox Live, Sony will allow the first name change for free, and thereafter any new names will cost the user $9.99 USD (or $4.99 if you’re a PlayStation Plus member). Microsoft has always allowed user name changes on its service, but PlayStation platforms have been denied such an implementation for cryptic reasons related to technology infrastructure.

Alex Irish
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