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I remember last year at E3, lots of folks were waiting with baited breath for news about the latest and greatest take on Mirror’s Edge. We weren’t entirely sure what we were getting, but EA did notify us that something was coming. Now we know that the game we are getting is called Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst. This tale will serve as an origin story for Faith.

EA 2015 EA - Mirror's Edge Catalyst4

The setting of the game is that there is no government, no privacy, only corporations in control of all our liberties. Catalyst brings Mirror’s Edge to a new generation of gamers. Despite having no powers and refusing to use guns, Faith manages to fight authority. Players utilize her grace, elegance, and efficient methods of taking out opposition, Like in the last entry, momentum, mastery of environment and martial arts are key to success. Catalyst makes use of the Frostbyte engine to make a truly immersive experience with no levels or loading screens, free roaming and fluid 1st person combat. As you uncover the secrets and explore the city, you will have utter freedom of choice, uncovering story missions, time trials, enviro puzzles and more. For lucky attendees of E3, Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst will be playable at EA booth today. For everyone else, the game will launch Feburary 23, 2016.

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