persona 4 golden
persona 4 golden
The Everyday Highschool life of Steve “Guy-who-sits-in-corner” and his friends


Hajememashite! (Hello!) Welcome to another episode of oprainfall Plays: Persona 4 Golden, one of the most highly acclaimed RPGs for the PlayStation Vita. Follow along as a newcomer to the Persona franchise tackles a blind run of this massive, and often times difficult game.

Our hero, Steve “Guy-who-sits-in-corner,” just moved from the big city to the rural town of Inaba. In doing so he finds he’s gained a little sister, some new and rather interesting friends, and oh yeah, he’s become involved with murders that are occurring in the area and are somehow connected to another world that resides inside of the TV. You know, normal high school stuff!

It’s Persona 4 Golden, told in that special oprainfall style!


Episode 8: Princess Yukiko’s Harem Hunt?!

As we resume our quest we view the Midnight Channel and indeed find Yukiko… who is embarking on a quest to find her harem of guys. Seeing this as well Yosuke calls us and we make plans to meet at Junes the next day.

The next morning after we leave Nyanako alone at home (poor Nyanako…) we meet Yosuke at Junes and he shows us some weapons he procured… which promptly gets us arrested. It’s only thanks to Dojima we aren’t thrown in jail and we meet up with Lady Black Heart who gives us a sound thrashing.

Afterwards we do some shopping and stop by the Velvet Room to meet Marie before ending our journey for the day.



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