oprainfall Plays Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory 2 (JP)
Nep’s back and better than ever


Hajememashite! (Hello!) Welcome to another episode of oprainfall Plays: Shin Jigen Neptune Victory II which will be known in the west most likely as Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory II. Watch as we tackle not only our first Let’s Play, but also our first playthrough an import game.

Neptune once again seems to have gotten herself involved in some crazy adventure and has dragged Nepgear along for the ride. I put my very limited Japanese skills to the test as I try and figure out not only what’s going on but how to play the game, all to give you guys a taste of what Idea Factory International may be bringing us next year and possibly help some of you out who want to import this title.


Episode 3: The Hot-blooded Heroine Appears!

Neptune and Nepgear arrive on the scene to save someone who doesn’t at all need to be saved and instead starts a fight with Neptune. Thankfully Nepgear is there to make sure everyone plays nice.

Afterwards we learn that this is Domon Kasshu, I mean Uzume who then decides to trust the two and brings them back to her base after the group witnesses a giant Purple Heart-like mecha decide from the heavens and begin to wreck the place. After a retreat back to base camp to heal we try to return to the city only to find… enemies.

On a side note I completely missed the fact the word “ningen” was thrown about which means humans. So this seems to be a world without people, save Uzume and Anime.



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Benny Carrillo
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