It is no secret, many SEGA games are known and loved for their soundtracks. A new London based record label known as Data Discs announced that they will be dedicated to bringing new life to old video game soundtracks by releasing them on vinyl. To kick this idea off, they will be starting with two popular SEGA games: Streets of Rage and Shenmue. These are games that were released for the SEGA Genesis and Dreamcast respectively that were and still are popular among fans of either system. You can check out the artwork for the vinyls below. They seem to just have the English boxart from the original games. One thing you may notice if you look at the one for Streets of Rage is that the Japanese name for it, Bare Knuckle is written in Katakana along with the name we know it by.

SEGA | Streets of Rage Vinyl SEGA | Shenmue Vinyl

You will be able to preorder both of these LPs on May 30 and they are planning to ship them in September. Apparently, there will be different editions of these LPs with one being special to those who preorder. These soundtracks will cost £19.99 or about $30. Once these two get released, what other games’s soundtracks would you like to see come to vinyl?

Data Disc’s website(leads you to a message saying it will not open until May 30.)

Justin Guillou
Justin joined Operation Rainfall to share his passion and knowledge for some of the more obscure video games out there.