Pac-Man 35th Anniversary
Pac-Man Is Officially 35 Years Old.

Today marks a special occasion in the video game industry and video game history. The oldest mascot, Pac-Man, celebrated his 35th anniversary today. The iconic arcade classic, Pac-Man, was released on May 22, 1980. Soon after, Pac-Man fever took over the arcade scene as it spawned many games and sequels, a tv show, merchandise, and even a song appropriately titled Pac-Man Fever. Pac-Man’s impact on the industry brought video games to the mainstream and paved the way for future mascots such as Donkey Kong, Mario, Sonic, Crash, and Master Chief to become the faces of their respective companies and the industry as a whole.


What are some of your Pac-Man memories? How were you introduced to Pac-Man? What are your favorite Pac-Man games of all times? Leave us comments below to mark this special occasion in video game history

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