Xenoblade Chronicles X | oprainfall

It’s no secret that we here at Operation Rainfall are big fans of the Xenoblade series. Which is why we were super excited to get this week’s sales records in for Japan. Xenoblade Chronicles X has just been released there, and we were not disappointed. While it wasn’t the best-selling game this week, it didn’t perform poorly by any means.

Xenoblade Chronicles X sold a respectable 82,952 copies in its first week, matching the sales of its predecessor, even despite the Wii’s larger install base. This put it as the third top-selling game in Japan for the week. The top-selling game, though was Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition, with a massive 180,000 copies sold, and the second best was Dragon Quest X with just about 100,000.

It’ll be interesting to see how the sales continue as time goes on or how they’ll do when the game makes it to the West. What do you all think of this, though? Are the sales what you expected? Let us know in the comments.


Colin Malone
Colin has been playing video games since he was very young and is a fan of several genres including RPG, strategy and platformers, among others. He graduated from Southwestern University with a degree in communications and currently writes for Wii U Daily, Operation Rainfall and Inspectioneering Magazine. His long term goal is nothing less than to become the Hunter S. Thompson of games journalism.