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oprainfall | Dragon Quest Builders 2


Square Enix has announced that Dragon Quest Builders 2 has now surpassed 1.1 million units sold worldwide. This includes both digital and retail sales. To celebrate, they have released some new art and a special thank you video to the fans. The short video can be seen on their social media pages like Facebook., but is bizarrely absent from the DragonQuest YouTube page. Here’s the game trailer since I can’t embed that:


According to the press release, they have also released the Dragon Quest Builders 2Modernist Pack DLC. It adds over 70 building recipes for modern looking structures, as well as new clothing and hair styles. It is the largest new set of content added to the game yet. The Modernist Pack is priced at $9.99.

There are also three previous DLC packs:

Aquarium Pack

This DLC adds a fishing island in the Isle of Awakening, including a bunch of new quests. Players will meet new characters and catch 40 types of fish which can be added into your very own aquarium. This pack also adds recipes for the fishing rod, as well as straw hats, swimwear, and a new hair style. The Aquarium Pack will cost you $9.99.

Hotto Stuff Pack

The Hotto Stuff pack adds 40 new recipes to allow players to both design and decorate structures to look like The Hotto Steppe (a popular resting area where weary travelers in a distant land can take a break). It also adds a new island with a new material that is needed to craft some of the new recipes. This pack will cost you $5.99.

Knickknack Pack

This free DLC pack adds three new recipes (Pretty Paddle, Celebratory Soup, and Ornate Adornment).


Of course you can also get them all in one go via the season pass for $20.99. Here is an image from the Dragon Quest Builders 2 1.1 million units sold celebration video that was mentioned and linked at the top of this article:

Dragon Quest Builders 2

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