Summon Night 5

The wait for what Gaijinworks and Monkey Paw Games are working on is over. It was teased earlier this week that they will be localizing two PSP games. They have been revealed to be Summon Night 5 and Class of Heroes 3.

Class of Heroes 3 - Temporary Cover Summon Night 5

Like other titles the company localizes, there will be a poll to see how many people will pre-order the games to determine if physical copies will be in there budget. They’ve opened limit time pre-order windows with their past titles. The pre-order will come with a digital and physical UMD of the game so collectors and Vita owners will be happy.

Gaijinworks has released this info on the two titles:

Summon Night 5

When worlds collide and everything is turned upside-down, a new order must be created to keep chaos at bay. BandaiNamco’s Summon Night 5 is the continuing story of that order-keeping society, the Eucross, and the adventures their Summoners have keeping their world and the disparate races from the Otherworlds in balance. Players can choose to experience the story as rookie Summoners Folth or Arca, and one of four possible partners (their “Cross”), giving the game’s dialogue and feel a unique flavor on up to eight different playthroughs. What players see, and how the characters react depends on what characters are chosen at the beginning of each playthrough. But whatever choices a player makes, they’re in for a charming and sometimes tense Strategy-RPG adventure as they gradually unravel a plot that threatens the balance the Eucross is sworn to protect. The game features beautiful 2D and 3D art with battles presented in user-adjustable isometric perspective, and gorgeous animation that is a hallmark of BandaiNamco productions. Fans in the USA, Canada, and Europe will be able to play the game in 2015

Class of Heroes 3:

Time to hit the books with a new crop of adventurers! Class of Heroes 3 takes the series to the next level with fan-requested changes and all new game systems that make this one of the most addictive and charming dungeon crawling RPGs ever!

The biggest new feature is that instead of one school, players have the choice of three very different schools to begin their quest and call their home during the game. The school chosen will change the uniforms of the players and the degree of difficulty of the game. Each school also has a unique cast of characters to interact with. Once the school is chosen and the game begins, players will also notice new systems like the expanded Affinity system that allows specific love/hate connections to be specified between characters to grow positive or negative relationships under player’s specific control. Finally, one of the most-requested changes from Class of Heroes 2 has been implemented as well: labyrinths now feature a selection of ambient music as you explore them.

With the expanded school campus system, devilish new labyrinths, charming gameplay, and enormous cast of characters, Class of Heroes 3 won’t be easy for dungeon-crawling fans to put down once they start!

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