There isn’t a lot of information to report on this one just yet, but Gaijinworks, in conjunction with Monkey Paw Games, is teasing that they will be porting two titles. From the announcement posted at their website, we know they’re PSP titles but we don’t know which ones yet.

Gajiinworks has done great work in the past on the Class Of Heroes series and their founder Victor Ireland was once the president of Japanese localization pioneers Working Designs, which brought both PSX Lunar games, Vanguard Bandits and Alundra, to the west. Most of these releases were prestige collector’s editions and came with unparalleled packaging and fantastic exclusive items, even by today’s standards. Their strategy guides were top flight publications and practically collectibles themselves. Additionally, many of the old Working Designs releases are available on PSN today thanks to Gaijinworks.

Gaijinworks will be announcing the titles they plan to localize later this week. Keep an eye right here to see which PSP gems they’ll be bringing west.  As soon as we know, we’ll cover it for you.


Tom Tolios
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