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Mahou Arms | Combat

In a time where we need some light at the end of the tunnel, there’s Mahou Arms. The breathtaking hack and slash dating sim hybrid from Paperbag is finally ready for the world. To clarify, this is a project that’s been in development for over two years now. With a combination of breathtaking visuals and fluid combat controls, this is a gift that’s been on my wish list for ages now. Take a look at the video below if curious. Furthermore, there’s a lot more to love if you’re over the age of 18, thanks to the dating parts. Once you take a deep dive over onto everything on the Patreon, it’s hard not to make this one of your most anticipated releases. Please look forward to the release on April 28th by wish listing it right now! Congratulations to both Paperbag and Sekai Project.

So what’s Mahou Arms even about?

The human race is on the brink of total subjugation by the alien force known as the ‘Locks. GARDA, a global paramilitary organization has finally discovered the means to fight back: magical girls.

You are a commander at GARDA and a past prisoner of war. You must lead your small, ragtag group toward victory at all costs. Get to know your newly recruited “soldiers” on the base and take direct control on the battlefield to reclaim Earth. Good luck, commander.

Diego Hernandez
Diego is an incredibly passionate visual novel enthusiast from an island within the Caribbean. He intends on working alongside Operation Rainfall to inform the masses about the vast library of breathtaking visual literature. As well as spreading awareness of the amazingly talented individuals hard at work on said breathtaking projects.