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Fighting Evil by moonlight and winning brand recognition by daylight, Bandai Namco might be taking the popular magical series Sailor Moon into the world of video gaming. Bandai Namco is known for adapting popular franchises like Naruto and One Piece, so Sailor Moon is not too much of a departure.

Senior Manager of IP Strategy, Tak Miyazoe, has confirmed that Viz has been pushing the North American upsurge in population, hoping to add more merchandise to the new remake anime and re-release of the manga in America.

“We’re always exploring ideas, the potential is always there,” Miyazoe explained, “It’s more about, are there fans out there who want it? Can we hear enough voices? From a business perspective, would [a Sailor Moon game] make sense, and, more importantly, what do the fans want?”

There have been numerous Sailor Moon games before, but none were ever localized, so this would be a new thing for many fans, particularly for the numerous female fans who were introduced to Japanese media through the series in the 90s.

Sailor Moon was a manga and, later, an anime in the 90s that told the story of Usagi Tsukino, a magical girl bestowed power by a talking cat who fought numerous forces of darkness. It eventually received a heavily-edited dub in America, though, recently, it has also received a more accurate dub. A remake anime has also been released.


Jerry Hrechka
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