Shovel Knight | Physical Boxes

Rejoice, ye fair maidens and gentlemen! For the azure knight himself is getting a new suit of armor! Yes, all horrible old English aside, I am super excited to report that Shovel Knight is purportedly getting new physical releases for PS4, XBox 1 and 3DS! This is according to Best Buy, who list it at $29.99, approximately twice the price of the digital version. While there has not been any other information announced, I am sure it will have some goodies to justify the extra cost. Though frankly, even if there isn’t, the many Shovel Knight fanatics would love to own a physical version of such a great retro style game.

Yacht Club Games themselves have yet to confirm the news, but I am certain they would love for fans to get a physical version, especially if they didn’t back at a high enough tier to get some of the nice physical goodies offered in the campaign. With the upcoming Plague of Shadows DLC and Shovel Knight plushes, my Shovel Knight mania is back in high gear. Chime in below if you can dig it!


UPDATE: Yacht Club Games have confirmed that the physical boxes are just a mis-listing on their Twitter. It does however sound like they would like to have physical versions of the game. Hope that changes in the near future!

Josh Speer
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