Fire Emblem if Promo Image
Light or Dark; Law or Chaos; Loyalty or Bloodlines.

The official page for the Japanese version of the new Fire Emblem game, titled Fire Emblem if in Japan, has opened and there’s actually quite some interesting information on the site already:

  • The game will be two separate versions: Fire Emblem if Hoshido and Fire Emblem if Nohr
  • Fire Emblem if Hoshido will allow you to earn experience and funds outside of the main scenario, similar to Fire Emblem Awakening. The primary scenario has you protecting your Hoshido homeland
  • Fire Emblem if Nohr will be a more difficult game that will limit the opportunities to earn experience and funds, much like the older Fire Emblem games. The primary scenario has you dealing mainly with the internal conflicts that arise inside of Nohr.
  • The game will have two separate physical copies in Japan, one for each version.
  • If you buy a digital copy of the game, you will have to choose one country to side with during Chapter 6. Once done, you are permanently locked into that campaign.
  • The other campaign can be unlocked for a discounted price of ¥2000.
  • Lastly, there will be a special edition in Japan that includes both games on one game card, and the ability to take a third option and not side with either country. This route will be made available as DLC at a later date for ¥2000.

As you can see there’s quite a lot of interesting things to look forward to in this next installment of the Fire Emblem franchise. In the meantime though, check out our write up of the new trailer that launched alongside the Nintendo Direct for more Fire Emblem goodness.


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